Clivia: Nature and nurture (Hardback)




Clivia is a truly cosmopolitan genus that is cultivated on almost all continents of the world. This is in sharp contrast to its natural distribution range, which is confined to the southern tip of Africa – more precisely South Africa and Swaziland. Clivia: Nature and nurture has been written with the layman in mind and clearly identifies and characterises all the species in one volume, describing all varieties, habitats, distribution, ecology and endemism. The title emphasises the South African origins, ecology and habitat of the genus, particularly for the overseas reader. It locates the genus in a broad natural and socio-cultural context, explores the commercial value of the genus, as well as identify ethno-botanical practices and the current conservation status of and threats to populations and conservation strategies. The title presents the anatomical, physiological and genetic make-up of the plant in layman’s terms, but at the same time it serves as a model for a broad spectrum of plant growers. The title introduces growers to the principles and practices specific to the genus, as well as aspects of pests and diseases and their control.